About Us

JMcosmetics is a professional cosmetics OEM, ODM manufacturer which was established in 1993, with 10,000 square meters workplace and more than 300 workers work in it. All the facilities meet the standards of GMP and REACH.  We have a standard of 100,000 grades dust-free workshop and the production line fully comply with ISO22716 and GMP management system. We are a world well-known make-up manufacturer who is famous for our eyeshadow/blush palette, baked powder palette and silk touch feel liquid foundation and multi-kind of cosmetic pencils.  We are also well-known for our full set of cosmetic package.

JMcosmetics has 3 production lines, one for package and cosmetic accessories such as paper material package, plastic material package, metal material package, glass material package and brush set, beauty tools and puff etc.; another production line is for cosmetics such as eyeshadow, blush, lip stick, lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, make up kits, cosmetic pencil, nail art etc.; the other one is for daily use commodities such as shampoo, bath gel, skin care product and so on.

JMcosmetics is a long term importer for world-class material supplier such as SUN CHEMICAL, WARNER-JENKINSON, ENGELHARD, STRAHL & PITSCH, DOW CORNING, ISP CHEMICAL, KINGFISHER CHECMICAL,CRODA ,KAHL, MERCK, EVONIK GOLDSCHMIDT etc. All the ingredient with very detailed MSDS and all the product can meet  the different country's standard requirement.

JMcosmetics already helped a lot of persons or companies to build up their own business by labeling their private brand cosmetic product in any corner of the world. Jmcosmetics is always your best partner when you want to have your own business.

The Customers We Serve

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